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About Us

Who We Are

Evolve is an accredited training provider with QCTO, W&R SETA and DHET. As a training organisation we are accredited and fully equipped to run face-to-face facilitations, distance learning programmes, as well as a combination of the two. We are RPL certified and accredited to run most of the retail related QCTO qualifications and we are a registered and accredited assessment centre. Evolve has a strong focus and support structure within various industry sectors, this includes inter alia, management, intellectual property and facilitator networks, together with client relationships that have been developed over the last 15 years.

  • Evolve believes in creating a ROTI for its clients
  • Evolve is therefore has a Level 4 BBBEEE status and is therefore a 100%          procurement provider

Evolve Team Message

At Evolve Training and Development our team is committed to meeting the organisational developmental needs of our clients, by developing specific individual skill sets within their people. Our guiding principles are rooted in the passion we have for Skills Development in our Country. Our promise to you is to continuously “EVOLVE” to meet the needs of our diverse communities, our working environments, and global trends. We endeavour to always provide a client eccentric service, and deliver an authentic learner experience to support organisational objectives.

We have made your Learning and Development requirements our Business Concern.
"The Evolve Team"

About Us

Evolves links were initially establish in the W&R SETA, but through referrals, we have expanded our scope to include services industries, automotive, supply chain, food and beverages, merchandising and pharmaceutical sectors. We offer accredited qualifications, skills programmes, unit standards and workshops that are vocationally focused, practically structured and will create a return on training investment for clients. Evolve being a level 4 BBBEE provider offers strong scorecard opportunities including SETA funding and SARS rebate options. In addition, clients are able to make use of Evolves additional services to add further value to their needs.

Evolves success is through its client centric focus and a strong support platform for both learners and its clients which ensures efficient administration coupled with a high success rate for the learners. Evolve is aware of the complex and lengthy administrative burden required from clients and learners, and take responsibility for the majority of the project management and administration. This leaves the clients with the ability to focus on their operational objective.