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Store Person

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Store Person

• Picker / Puller
• Stockroom Clerk
• Store man
• Chiller Hand
• Manufacturing Store Person
• Oder Picker or Assembler
• Stores Assistant
• Warehouse Assistant
A store person moves, packs, picks, and maintains stock in a stock storage area.
• Move and pack stock using specific methods and equipment for different types of stock.
• Pick and count stock in a stock storage area.
• Maintain a safe stock storage area.
This qualification is registered on the occupational qualifications’ framework within the NQF and consists of the following three components:

• Knowledge modules
• Practical modules
• Workplace modules

Each of these components consist of several modules that you must complete

Knowledge Modules – 9 credits:

• KM-01: Concepts of moving and packing stock in a stock storage area
• KM-02: Concepts and methods of picking and counting stock
• KM-03: Principles of maintaining a stock storage area

Practical Modules – 13 credits:

• PM-01: Move stock in and out of stock storage areas
• PM-02: Pack stock in a stock storage area
• PM-03: Pick stock from a stock storage area
• PM-04: Count stock
• PM-05: Maintain the stock storage area mers.

Work-based Modules – 19 credits:

• WM-01: Processes and procedures for moving and packing different types of stock
• WM-02: Processes and procedures for picking and counting stock
• WM-03: Processes and procedures for performing housekeeping, maintaining a safe stock storage area