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Supply Chain Practitioner

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Supply Chain Practitioner

• Procurement Administrator / Coordinator / Officer
• Procurement Clerk
• Supply Chain Agent / Assistant / Buyer / Clerk / Controller
• Logistics clerk
• Warehouse Clerk
• Stock Assistant
The Supply Chain Administrator plans, organises, executes, controls, and coordinates the activities and interrelationships across the supply chain.
• Providing environmental scanning assistance for effective supply chain operations.
• Implementing supply chain operational activities within an organisation.
• Implementing and assessing supply chain workflow processes for continuous improvement.
• Executing inventory and logistics operational activities within an organisation.
• Maintaining effective relationships within the supply chain.
This qualification is registered on the occupational qualifications’ framework within the NQF and consists of the following three components:

• Knowledge modules
• Practical modules
• Workplace modules

Each of these components consist of several modules that you must complete

Knowledge Modules – 55 credits:

KM-01, Supply Chain Environments, L5, Cr10
KM-02, Supply Chain Operations, L5, Cr10
KM-03, Supply Chain Workflow, L5, Cr10
KM-04, Inventory and Logistics Operations, L5, Cr10
KM-05, Optimising Supply Chain Relationships, L5, Cr15

Practical Modules – 40 credits:

PM-01, Scan environment for impact on supply chain, L5, Cr5
PM-02, Execute supply chain operational activities, L5, Cr15
PM-03, Analyse and interpret supply chain workflow processes, L5, Cr5
PM-04, Perform inventory and logistics operations, L5, Cr5
PM-05, Optimise supply chain relationships, L5, Cr10

Work-based Modules – 47 credits:

WM-01, Operational/divisional planning processes and procedures, L5, Cr3
WM-02, Procedures and processes for sourcing products and services from external suppliers, L5, Cr8
WM-03, The organisations logistics systems and procedures, L5, Cr8
WM-04, Organisational client and supplier relationship policies and procedures, L5, Cr8
WM-05, Organisational contract implementation, monitoring and controlling procedures, L5, Cr4
WM-06, Organisation’s performance and risk awareness processes and procedures, L5, Cr8
WM-07, Stores and stock administration processes within the supply chain, L5, Cr4
WM-08, Distribution systems and procedures within the supply chain, L5, Cr4