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Bread and Flour Confectionery Baking

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Bread and Flour Confectionery Baking

This qualification provides learners with access to employment opportunities by equipping them with the required applied competencies that are formalised and recognised in the food and beverages manufacturing sector. Through the achievement of this qualification, learners can contribute to this sector in the manufacturing of craft bread and flour confectionery products. The qualification also provides the learner with the essential skills needed at a technical level and will facilitate a pathway for further learning. This qualification aims to promote professionalism and work ethics in the sector whilst providing portable skills into other areas and areas of specialisation. It provides learners with opportunities for further education and training at NQF Level 3 as well as continued professional development.

A person acquiring this qualification will be able to produce a range of flour confectionery and craft fermented products within a craft-baking environment. They will be able to communicate, maintain and apply good manufacturing practices, food safety and personal safety practices in a craft-baking environment.

This qualification is aimed at learners entering the Craft bread and flour confectionery baking industry via SMME, wholesale and retail, food preparation and baking manufacturing environment. This qualification provides the learner with accessibility to be employed within the baking, wholesale and retail and hospitality industry and provides the flexibility to pursue different careers in the baking, wholesale and retail industry and articulation within the hospitality industry. The level of flexibility within the range of electives will allow the individual to peruse a career within an applied technical baking environment, wholesale and retail, and or the opportunity to encourage entrepreneurship.
The qualification consists of a Fundamental, a core and an elective component. To be awarded the qualification, learners are required to obtain a minimum of 124 credits.

All the unit standards in the fundamental (36 credits) and core (71 credits) components are compulsory.
In addition, the learner must choose at least 17 credits from the Elective component of this qualification.
It is assumed that learners are already competent in Communication and Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1 or ABET Level 4.
Assessment is both formative and summative:

o Individual and group exercises: Tasks and assignments
o Integrated summative assessments (practical assessment
Communicate in a variety of ways in a craft bakery environment.

Maintain and apply good manufacturing practices, food safety and personal safety practices in a craft baking environment.

Produce a range of flour confectionery products.

Produce a range of basic craft fermented products.